Black and white photo of older white woman with glasses, looking off camera.

Elizabethtown College Digital Media

Miscellaneous digitized audio and visual recordings from Elizabethtown College’s High Library. Recordings include Shakespeare lectures by Dr. Ralph Schlosser (1965-1966), Anthropologist Margaret Mead lecture and news conference (1972-10-05), Astronaut Scott Carpenter speech (1986-02-05), Elizabethtown College Commencement (1943), oral histories, and more.

Cemetery in the foreground, church in the background, seperated by trees.

Brethren Books

The Brethren Books digital collections include contributions from High Library at Elizabeth Town College to the Brethren Digital Archive at the Internet Archive. The Mission of the Brethren Digital Archives is to digitize some or all of the periodicals produced from the beginning of publication to the year 2000 by each of the Brethren bodies who trace their origin to the baptism near Schwarzenau, Germany in 1708.

Group of people standing in front of a church, sepia image.

Church of the Brethren Photograph Collection

The Church of the Brethren Photograph collection consists of more than 500 mostly black-and-white photographs of meeting houses and churches in eastern Pennsylvania, historic sites, gravestones, portraits, and nursing homes associated with the Church. The photographs date from the 1890s to the present. A subset of the collection includes images from 200 glass-plate negatives dating from 1890 to 1915. These photographs were taken by J.G. Francis, a leader in the founding of Elizabethtown College and a minister of the Church of the Brethren in eastern Pennsylvania.