Handwritten Sallie E. Bolton letter, April 1857

Sallie Bolton Letters, 1855-1863

Sallie Bolton was a student and then faculty member at Millersville from 1855-1857. Investigate this collection to find out more about her life at Millersville through letters written home to her mother and aunt, as well as an autograph album signed by students, faculty, administrators and friends.

Handwritten Letitia Frantz letter, September 23, 1883

Frantz Family Letters, 1883

Explore correspondence of the Frantz family of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, including letters from Letitia Frantz while she was a student at the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Front page of College Days, June 1, 1879

Franklin and Marshall College Student Newspapers

The Franklin and Marshall College newspaper collection contains student newspapers published on campus beginning in 1873 through 2011. Titles and dates of coverage include: College Days (1873-1876, 1878-1879) The F&M Weekly (March 18, 1891- May 27, 1915) The Student Weekly (September 16, 1915- March 11, 1964) College Reporter (March 17, 1964 – February 28, 2011)

Black and white image of men in suits and straw hats.

Franklin & Marshall Archives Film Collection

The College Archives Films Collection contains footage from digitized black and white and color film reels. The films span the 1920s to 1940s. Subjects include: commencements, convocations, alumni reunions, building construction and dedications, athletics, campus scenes, ceremonies, events, views of students and faculty, etc.

Deed for first 10 acres of land purchased by Franklin and Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall Founding Documents

The F&M Founding Documents contains digitized versions of original documents and later copies of documents related to the founding of Franklin College and Marshall College as well as their incorporation as Franklin and Marshall College.

Title Page of Lancaster Farming, Volume 1

Lancaster Farming

The Lancaster Farmer began publication as a monthly journal in 1869 under the auspices of the Lancaster County Agricultural and Horticultural Society. Volumes 1-16 were digitized and published on the Internet Archive by Lancaster History, in partnership with Lyrasis and the Sloan Foundation.

Color illustration depicting Lancaster Normal School, 1857.

Millersville University Photograph Collection

See images and photos of Millersville’s campus from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

Book of Good Manners, for Girls and Boys, page 1

Millersville University Rare Books

A collection of rare children’s chapbooks, temperance pamphlets, confession literature, and other fascinating historical materials.

Cover of Declaration of Sentiments of the American Anti-Slavery Society. Adopted at the Formation of said Society, in Philadelphia, on the 4th Day of December, 1833

Slavery & Abolition in the United States

Slavery and Abolition in the US: Select Publications of the 1800s is a digital collection of books and pamphlets that demonstrate the varying ideas and beliefs about slavery in the United States as expressed by Americans throughout the nineteenth century. The works in this collection reflect arguments on both sides of the slavery debate and include … Continue reading Slavery & Abolition in the United States

Color postcard depicting an illustration of State Normal School, Millersville, PA, 1907

Millersville University Postcard Collection

Browse postcards of Millersville from the late nineteenth century through the twentieth century, featuring campus photographs and handwritten notes to friends and family members.

Illuminated manuscript, Folio 13 Recto

South Netherland Book of Hours

Illuminated Manuscript written on finely prepared vellum in an excellent upright Dutch liturgical script, 18 lines to the page set on rules in brown ink. Written on 177 leaves in single column, most pricking preserved at extreme margins; the collation has proven very difficult to work out due to the tightness of the re–backing of … Continue reading South Netherland Book of Hours

Deed for first 10 acres of land purchased by Franklin and Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall Founding Documents

The F&M Founding Documents contains digitized versions of original documents and later copies of documents related to the founding of Franklin College and Marshall College as well as their incorporation as Franklin and Marshall College.

Handwritten page from George McIlvain 1835 Diary

George McIlvain Diary, 1835

George McIlvain’s personal diary of the trip, accompanied by his mother Mary Porter McIlvain, along Pennsylvania Canal (and other waterways) from Williamstown, Lancaster County, PA to Paoli Indiana, April 8 to May 30, 1835. Diary contains itinerary, expenses, and observations. Diary is part of larger Muench Family papers collection. George Duffield McIlvain was born on … Continue reading George McIlvain Diary, 1835

Group of people standing in front of a church, sepia image.

Church of the Brethren Photograph Collection

The Church of the Brethren Photograph collection consists of more than 500 mostly black-and-white photographs of meeting houses and churches in eastern Pennsylvania, historic sites, gravestones, portraits, and nursing homes associated with the Church. The photographs date from the 1890s to the present. A subset of the collection includes images from 200 glass-plate negatives dating from … Continue reading Church of the Brethren Photograph Collection

Front page of The Snapper, 1993-09-15

Millersville University Snapper

Check out student and campus life at Millersville from 1923 through 1992 when the student newspaper was called The Tipster. In 1993, the name was changed to The Snapper, for students who broke the rules to talk with each other. Coverage ends in 2013.

Handwritten letter from 1824

Reynolds Family Papers Collection

The Reynolds Family Papers digital collection features the correspondence of brothers William and John Fulton Reynolds of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The digital collection includes letters from William Reynolds to sister Lydia Moore Reynolds dated 1834 to 1838, prior to his departure with the U.S. Exploring Expedition. It also includes letters between William Reynolds and father John … Continue reading Reynolds Family Papers Collection

Front page of The People's Advocate, June 18, 1846

Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive

The Pennsylvania Newspaper Archive is the gateway to the Commonwealth’s historical full-text searchable newspaper database. Newspaper titles and holdings are continually added as they become available from all 67 counties stretching back to our colonial roots to the present. Newspapers can be browsed by title, date, or county.

Cemetery in the foreground, church in the background, seperated by trees.

Brethren Books

The Brethren Books digital collections include contributions from High Library at Elizabeth Town College to the Brethren Digital Archive at the Internet Archive. The Mission of the Brethren Digital Archives is to digitize some or all of the periodicals produced from the beginning of publication to the year 2000 by each of the Brethren bodies … Continue reading Brethren Books

Portrait of Dr. Aaron C. Porter, an African American man, seated, wearing an argyle sweater.

Oral History Collection at Millersville University

Listen to oral histories collected from members of the university and Lancaster community. This collection includes transcripts and recordings of oral history interviews.

Front page of the Lancaster Daily Intelligencer, January 1, 1880

Lancaster Daily Intelligencer (1880-1890)

Founded in 1864, the Lancaster Daily Intelligencer had become by the 1880s the leading daily in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and a crusading opposition publication in a city beset with growing pains. It was already one of the oldest continuous newspapers in the state and nation, and by this time it had transformed itself from primarily a political organ … Continue reading Lancaster Daily Intelligencer (1880-1890)

Black and white photo of older white woman with glasses, looking off camera.

Elizabethtown College Digital Media

Miscellaneous digitized audio and visual recordings from Elizabethtown College’s High Library. Recordings include Shakespeare lectures by Dr. Ralph Schlosser (1965-1966), Anthropologist Margaret Mead lecture and news conference (1972-10-05), Astronaut Scott Carpenter speech (1986-02-05), Elizabethtown College Commencement (1943), oral histories, and more.

Illustration of female housemaid washing clothes in a wooden tub.

Alice Marshall Women’s History Collection

The Alice Marshall Women’s History Collection, part of the Penn State Harrisburg Library’s Archives and Special Collections, consists of literary, graphic, and manuscript materials dealing with the issues and individuals that comprised women’s history from the 15th century to the early 1980s. Compiled by Alice Kahler Marshall (1923-97), the collection encompasses all areas of women’s lives and includes 7,000 … Continue reading Alice Marshall Women’s History Collection