Cemetery in the foreground, church in the background, seperated by trees.

Brethren Books

The Brethren Books digital collections include contributions from High Library at Elizabeth Town College to the Brethren Digital Archive at the Internet Archive. The Mission of the Brethren Digital Archives is to digitize some or all of the periodicals produced from the beginning of publication to the year 2000 by each of the Brethren bodies who trace their origin to the baptism near Schwarzenau, Germany in 1708.

Cover of Declaration of Sentiments of the American Anti-Slavery Society. Adopted at the Formation of said Society, in Philadelphia, on the 4th Day of December, 1833

Slavery & Abolition in the United States

Slavery and Abolition in the US: Select Publications of the 1800s is a digital collection of books and pamphlets that demonstrate the varying ideas and beliefs about slavery in the United States as expressed by Americans throughout the nineteenth century. The works in this collection reflect arguments on both sides of the slavery debate and include first person narratives, legal proceedings and decisions, anti-slavery tracts, religious sermons, and early secondary works.  The publications are all drawn from the holdings of the Millersville University Library and the Dickinson College Library, as well as each of their respective Special Collections Departments.  The collection includes more than 24,000 individual pages of printed text and corresponding searchable transcriptions. This online resource is made freely available to the public, and we hope that providing these rare and important research materials will enhance teaching and learning, at all levels of instruction, about this complex issue.

Illuminated manuscript, Folio 13 Recto

South Netherland Book of Hours

Illuminated Manuscript written on finely prepared vellum in an excellent upright Dutch liturgical script, 18 lines to the page set on rules in brown ink. Written on 177 leaves in single column, most pricking preserved at extreme margins; the collation has proven very difficult to work out due to the tightness of the rebacking of the binding, but apparently complete, edges plain. Rubricated. Leaf-size 168 x 118 mm. (about 6 3/4 x 4 5/8 inches). There is no indication of early ownership; small black-gold outlines to the tendrils of the opening border and a tiny gold shield at right in the same are decorative elements.